Select a route to view all bus stops and times or interactively select a bus stop on the map to view bus stop information.

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Track current location


While testing has shown this to work well, the accuracy of this tool is dependent on the reliability of the GPS functionality and data speed of your device. The City of St. George claims no responsibility for innacurate or sluggish results. Use this tool at your own discretion.


Use of this tool while driving could be dangerous to yourself and others. We don't recommend using this tool and driving at the same time as it could distract you from driving. Have someone else in the vehicle who is not driving monitor this tool for you. The City of St. George will not be held responsible for misuse of this tool that could lead to accidents or other damage to yourself and others.


This tool will locate your current location on the map based on the GPS functionaltiy of your device. As you move (i.e. travel in car), the map will move along with you to constantly show where you are. Use the red Stop Tracking button located at the top of the map to disable the tracking.

IMPORTANT: Closing your browser will not automatically stop the tracking. It may continue to run in the background. To ensure the tracking is stopped and that you don't incur additional data charges, we highly recommend you stop the tracking before closing your browser.

Find nearest bus stop

Search distance:

Enter a St. George street address or intersection to find SunTran bus stops within the selected distance of that location. Tap the locate icon to get your current location.

Example: 175 e 200 n st (address)
Example: sunset blvd / bluff st (intersection)

Bus passes

Bus passes can be purchased at any of the following locations. Tap a link below to zoom to that location on the map.



About the application

The maps provided in this app are by the St. George City GIS Department.

To provide feedback about this app, please use the city's contact form and choose 'GIS-Maps' for the subject.


A new toolbar is located at the bottom of the map with the following buttons:

  Bus routes


  Street and imagery basemaps

  Google Street View

  Information and tips

Zooming the map

To zoom in and out on the map with desktop browsers, use the zoom bar in the upper-left corner of the map, double-click the map to zoom in only or use the mouse scroll-wheel. With mobile devices, use the zoom bar in the upper-left corner of the map, double-tap on the map to zoom in only or use the device's pinching mechanism to zoom in or out.

NOTE: On some older Android devices, using the pinch gesture to zoom the map may not work. Therefore, it is recommended to use the zoom bar on the left.

Finding routes and stops

Using the Routes panel select a route to see all stops available along that route. Select a stop from the list and the map will zoom to that stop on the map and display that stops information. Selecting the underlined route name at the top of the panel will highlight the route on the map.

You can also tap a bus stop directly on the map and a panel containing bus stop times and information will open.

OS and Browser Support

This app is built with HTML and Javascript and as such it should work well with any OS and browser that supports Javascript.

All app functionality was tested with the default browsers on Apple's iOS as well as some Android devices.

If you experience any issues with this app on a particular mobile device, please use the city's contact form to describe the issue. Be sure to tell us the mobile device, operating system and browser that you were using.


Tap a bus stop to zoom to its location on the map and show stop times.